How to use Twitter for Social Learning (C4LPT)

The Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT) created a good overview how to use Twitter for social learning. Thanks to Jane Hart for the collected information and the educational scenarios!

Getting Started
Getting started with Twitter
Accessing and using Twitter

The Basics
Building Community on Twitter
Communicating with others on Twitter
Sharing links and resources on Twitter
Keeping up to date on Twitter
Problem solving on Twitter
Serendipitous learning on Twitter

Presentations and Events
Using the Twitter backchannel at an event
Incorporating the Twitter backchannel in a presentation
Live presentation streaming on Twitter

Classes, Training & Learning
Using Twitter in lectures, classes & workshops
Feedback and quizzes
Micro-learning with Twitter
Synchronous learning with live Twitter chats

Other activities
Collaborative writing on Twitter
Games on Twitter
Scavenger hunts on Twitter
Twitter Book Clubs

Managing multiple accounts & networks
Scheduling tweets and managing accounts

Twitter application list
Twitter apps

Reading List
200+ articles about Twitter for Learning

Resource: [C4LPT]

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