In the Ecclesiae pisanae historia from 1768, Antonio Felice Mattei describes the history of the Pisan church and he writes about the important figures that were part of the church in Pisa. In his chapter on Ubaldo Lanfranchi, he briefly mentions the founding of the Camposanto in the year 1200, and that it was Ubaldo who brought earth from the Holy Land to Pisa. He does not mention the Camposanto in his chapter on Frederico Visconti. / SB

Mattei_Ecclesiae_Pisanae_Historia (excerpt)

Source: Antonio Felice Mattei, Ecclesiae Pisanae Historia, 2 vols. (Lucca: Leonardo Venturini, 1768-1772), 1:244.

XXXV. Ubaldius Lanfranchius

“Non dubito quin Ubaldus multa fecerit pro Ecclesia et populo sibi commisso, sed eorum memoriam abolevit vetustas. […] Anno verò sequenti [=1200] construere coepisse Campum religiosum, ac sanctum vel usque ex Hierosolymis terra Pisas transportata, de quo alio in loco agam diligentius.”

I do not doubt that Ubaldo did much for the Church and the people committed  to her ,but age has made the memory fade. […] In the following year [=1200], he actually began the construction of the Camposanto and piously even brought earth to Pisa from Jerusalem, of which I have dealt with at length elsewhere.