Raffaele Maffei (1451-1522), Commentariorum urbanorum (1506)

Raffaele Maffei was an Italian humanist, historian and theologian. He was also a member of the Servite Order. The Commentariorum urbanorum from 1506 is an encyclopedia. It consists of three parts: in “Geography,” Maffei writes about history and the whole world arranged by location; the second part, “Anthropology,” is devoted to contemporaneous history; and the…Continue reading Raffaele Maffei (1451-1522), Commentariorum urbanorum (1506)

Giacomo Filippo Foresti (1434-1520), Supplementum Chronicarum (1483)

Giacomo Filippo Foresti was from a noble family near Bergamo and entered the order of the Augustine Hermits at the age of 17 or 18. Author of several historiographical and humanist publications, he composed the “Supplementum” as an updated version of older world chronicles, following a strict chronological order of presentation. The book was reprinted…Continue reading Giacomo Filippo Foresti (1434-1520), Supplementum Chronicarum (1483)