Buchpublikation zu Mobile Learning

Im Januar diesen Jahres erschien das von Mohamed Ally und Avgoustos Tsinakos herausgegebene Buch Perspectives on Open and Distance Learning: Increasing Access through Mobile LearningEs wurde als open e-book veröffentlicht, ist aber auch als Printversion verfügbar.

In diesem Buch finden sich folgende Buchkapitel zum Thema Mobile Learning (Inhalt):

PART I: Designing Mobile Learning

Chapter 1
A Diachronic Overview of Technology Contributing to Mobile Learning: A Shift Towards Student-Centred Pedagogies (Helen Crompton)

Chapter 2
Educational Standards for Mobile Learning and Mobile Application Development (Judy Brown, Michael Hruska, Andy Johnson and Jonathan Poltrack)

Chapter 3
A Pedagogical Framework for Mobile Learning: Categorising Educational Applications of Mobile Technologies into Four Types (Yeonjeong Park)

Chapter 4
Why Open Educational Resources Are Needed for Mobile Learning (Rory McGreal)

Chapter 5
Design of Contextualised Mobile Learning Applications (Marcus Specht)

Chapter 6
Interactive Learning Strategies for Mobile Learning (Anthony Ralston)

Chapter 7
Mobile Learning: Location, Collaboration and Scaffolding Inquiry (Eileen Scanlon)

PART II: Implementing Mobile Learning

Chapter 8
Open Formats for Mobile Learning (Geoff Stead)

Chapter 9
Using BYOD, Mobile Social Media, Apps, and Sensors for Meaningful Mobile Learning (Inge Ignatia de Waard)

Chapter 10
Supporting Mobile Access to Online Courses: The ASK Mobile SCORM Player and the ASK Mobile LD Player (Panagiotis Zervas and Demetrios G. Sampson)

Chapter 11
Mobile Learning Operating Systems (Christian Glahn)

PART III: Using Mobile Learning in Education and Training

Chapter 12
Orchestrating the Flexible Mobile Learning Classroom (Chee-Kit Looi and Yancy Toh)

Chapter 13
Mobile Learning in Higher Education (Núria Ferran-Ferrer, Muriel Garreta Domingo, Josep Prieto-Blazquez, Cesar Corcoles, Dr. Teresa Sancho-Vinuesa and Mr. Francesc Santanach)

Chapter 14
Mobile Learning in the Workplace: Unlocking the Value of Mobile Technology for Work-Based Education (Christoph Pimmer and Norbert Pachler)

Chapter 15
Changing the Tunes from Bollywood’s to Rural Livelihoods — Mobile Telephone Advisory Services to Small and Marginal Farmers in India: A Case Study (Balaji Venkataraman and T.V. Prabhakar)

Chapter 16
The Future of Mobile Learning and Implications for Education and Training (David Parsons)

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