Live streaming for face-to-face online events

There is unfortunately no return to normality in the autumn semester. However, the current situation allows for limited face-to-face teaching. For some of these face-to-face seminars/lectures, there are simultaneous live streams available. We have prepared some important information for these events:

Mixed seminars/lectures (face-to-face and online)

Hybrid teaching, both face-to-face and online, present certain technical challenges that lecturers must prepare for in advance. We recommend all lecturers to familiarize themselves with the technical equipment before the first lecture. The most obvious scenario for hybrid scenario is live streaming, which means that certain excerpts from the face-to-face teaching, such as PPT slides and the voice of the lecturer are transmitted online.

Tools for live streaming
Both ZOOM and MS Teams are suitable for live streaming. Use the tool you are most familiar with.
In many of the information provided by the Central IT Department of the UZH on live streaming, only ZOOM is mentioned. But most of it also applies to MS Teams, which can be used just as well.

Rooms for live streaming
Additional rooms have been technically equipped for live streaming. An overview of the rooms can be found on the website of the Central IT department (click on the link „Liste der ausgerüsteten Räume“).
Although the computers on the UZH premises are equipped with ZOOM and Teams, it is recommended to bring your own laptop.

Equipment for live streaming
For smaller seminar rooms you can also buy your own technical equipment. Before you purchase such equipment, ask the DLF team for advice. You can also find helpful tips in our Community on Teams, where a lot on the topic has already been discussed.

Help and training
The institutes have been asked to set up a first level support to assist the lecturers in technical issues and problems. Some institutes have already appointed a person to take over this task. Please find out if there is such a person at your institute. If not, ask for help with the team DLF:
Lecturers who teach in a room equipped for live streaming are recommended to familiarise themselves with the situation on site early enough. In every room equipped for live streaming you will find a user manual.

Instructions for using UZH’s live streaming infrastructure
Short user manual for live streaming
Live-Streaming mit Teams
Live-Streaming mit ZOOM

Organizing students attendance
As the seats in the rooms are limited, the lecturer must organize the presence of the students in advance. There are several ways to do this:
– With Doodle: Create a new Doodle survey with the number of face-to-face events as options. The number of participants per option (face-to-face event) can now be limited to the available seats. Send the link to the student to fill in. The disadvantage of this method is that the fastest can choose the desired dates, while the slower have to settle for the appointments that are left. To make it fairer, you can also conduct multiple Doodle surveys and design the survey so that only one appointment can be clicked on per participant.
– With OLAT: You can open a course in OLAT and use the enrolment module. Students can then register themselves in groups of predetermined size. The video tutorial explains how to do. For more information, see also the OLAT manual.
– With an Excel file: The file should be uploaded to Teams or to OneDrive, where it can be edited by the students online, as in the example here.

If you have any problems with live streaming, contact AVS support at
If the audio-video system or the presentation of the slides are causing problems, please contact the lecture hall team: Hörsaaltechnik.
If no one is available, you can also call the DLF team: | 044 634 50 80

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