Friday, November 27, 2020

8:45: Zoom-Session start

9:00: Welcome Note

  • David Chiavacci: Director of the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies UZH
  • Jessica Imbach: Chinese Studies UZH; EURICS (Paris); workshop co-organizer

9:30 Web Fiction and Community (Moderator: Justyna Jaguscik)

  • Helena Wu: Writing (Web Fiction) in Invisible Ink: Fictionalizing the Present and Historicizing the Future
  • Cui Qian: Reimagining Tianxia in the Digital Fictional Space
  • Jin Sujie: Reading and Writing Boys’ Love (BL) Farming Fiction 
  • Zhang Jiahua: “Domestic Fights” (zhaidou) Fiction: A Feminist Reading of Online Middle-class Culture 

10:50 Coffee Break

11:00 Cyberculture/Cyberpolitics (Moderator: Justyna Jaguscik)

  • Gwennaël Gaffric: The Rise and Fall of Cyber Time-travel Fiction 
  • Jessica Imbach: The Digital Brain in Cyberpunk Fiction
  • Lorenzo Andolfatto: Semantics of Tea-drinking; or, On the Creation of the Governed Subject in Contemporary China
  • Liu Jun: Multimedia Censorship in Chinese Social Media

12:20 Lunch
13:20 Digital Art (Moderator: Qian Cui)

  • Kim Jiyun: The Posthuman in Lu Yang(陆扬)’s post-internet video art
  • Tan Diyi : Art and Dialogues in the times of the Covid-19 epidemic: interviews and reflection on the outreach projects in Guangzhou
  • Helen Hess: Art without Borders? Sino-Malaysian Art Spaces in the Age of Digital Culture
  • Daniela Zhang: Contemporary Art and Artists on WeChat

14:40 Digital Society (Moderator: Lena Kaufmann)

  • Rao Yichen & Xie Jieyi: Becoming Digital Middle Class by Virtual Island-hopping: Gaming capital in China’s Animal Crossing fever amidst COVID-19 outbreak
  • Barclay Bram Shoemaker: Getting to Know Yourself: How Wechat Is Changing the Understanding of Mental Health 
  • Marylaure Bloch: The Social Credit System in China: Imagined Future and Engineered Values
  • Marianna Levtov: Digital Silk Road: Chinese Generation 5.0. Takes Lead in the Industrialisation 4.0

16:00 Coffee Break
16:10 Memes and Virality (Moderator: Jessica Imbach)

  • Paula Teodorescu: The 2000s xiangpi poetry site ‚memetized‘ on social media: Avant-garde ‚replicators‘ from Weixin and their relevance today
  • Elvin Meng: Viral Text: Translation, Censorship, Community
  • Lai Yaqian: Against Oblivion: The Visual Communication of The Whistle-giver

17:10 Short Break

17:20 Keynote Lecture (Zoom)

  • Speaker: Florian Schneider: China’s Digital Nationalism: Online Challenges to Sovereignty in a Time of Crisis
  • Respondent: Jens Damm (ERCCT, Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen; EURICS, Paris)

Saturday, November 28, 2020

9: Begin Zoom Session

9:30 Social Media and Popular Culture (Moderator : Qian Cui)

  • Liu Chang: Recounting the Early Development of China’s Online Music Culture 
  • Jia Ruxin: Cross-platform Collaboration of Digital Media and the Making of Women in Beijing’s Lipstick Hype

10:30 Coffee Break

10:40 New Media/New Voices (Moderator: Helen Hess)

  • Rui Kunze: Visualizing Culinary Authenticity: The Vlogger Li Ziqi and China’s Influencer Culture 
  • Yang Fan: Feminist Interventions through Podcast in Mainland China 
  • Joanna Krenz: “If Recently the Art of Language Text is a Natural Compatriot” (Xiao Bing):  AI Poetry in a Comparative Perspective

11:40 Lunch Break

14:00 Rewiring Genre (Moderator: Jessica Imbach)

  • Yang Renren: Genre-fiction Generator, the De-Territorial Program(mer), and Tangjia sanshao’s Fantasy of Re-territorialization 
  • Zoe Goldstein: Renewable Resistance: Chinese Cyberpunk Fiction and the Afterlives of our Digital Things
  • Huang Wanchun: Danmu Visuality: The temporal-spatial tension of cross-platform spectatorship

15:00 Closing Note and Discussion

  • Justyna Jaguscik: Chinese Studies UZH, workshop co-organizer