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Thu, March 17  
12.00–13.30 CET
(7.00–8.30 EST)
Natalie Borsy, Christine Lötscher, Simon Spiegel
Simon Spiegel CH
Unspoiled Thoughts on Spoilers
13.30–14.00 Break
14.00–15.45 Panel 1
Spoiling Literature
Chair: Christine Lötscher
Oliver Ruf DE
Spoiler Aesthetics. On the Normalization of a Paratextual Form
James Aaron Green AT
‘Telling [The] Story Second-Hand’. Victorian Sensation Fiction and the Pre-History of the Spoiler
Dana Steglich DE
Spoil the Classics. Plot and the Assessment of Capital ‘L’ Literature
15.45–16.15 Break
16.15–17.30 Panel 2
Spoilers in Film and Film Criticism
Chair: Simon Spiegel
Sebastian Smoliński PL
Summary First: Film Criticism and Managing Spoilers in the Studio System
Stiglegger, Marcus DE
‘Performative iPhone Cinema’, Can Feature Films and Series Resist Spoiler Damage?
17.30–19.00 Break
19.00–21.00 Roundtable
Professional Conduct with Spoilers
Chair: Christine Lötscher
Julia Gronhoff DE
Michael J. Meindl US
Michael Sennhauser CH
Anna Smith UK
Eberhard Wolff CH
Fri, March 18  
13.00–14.45 CET
(8.00–9.30 EST)
Panel 3
Spoiled Narrations
Chair: Simon Spiegel
Matthias Brütsch CH
Plot Points, Twists and Spoilers: Notes on the Dramatic Impact of Withholding and Revealing Narrative Information in Films and TV Series
Thomas Kristjansen DK
Spoilers as Worldbuilding and Worldbuilding as Spoilers in Fantasy Fiction
Milan Hain CZ
To Tell or Not to Tell: The Rhetorical Strategies in Trailers for Films with a Surprise Twist
14.45–15.15 Break
15.15–16.30 Panel 4
Spoiling Games
Chair: Christine Lötscher
Andreas Rauscher DE
Playing with the Plot Twist
Tobias Unterhuber AT
Spoil the Game, Shatter the World – Spoilers in Games and Play
16.30–17.00 Break
17.00–18.30 Keynote 1
Albrecht Koschorke DE
Some Notes on Suspense
Chair: Christine Lötscher
In-person event at KOSMOS, Zurich
Sat, March 19  
12.00–13.30 CET
(7.00–8.30 EST)
Keynote 2
Judith E. Rosenbaum US
Spoilers and the Narrative Experience: Lessons from Ten Years of Empirical Research
Chair: Simon Spiegel
13.30–14.00 Break
14.00–15.45 Panel 5
Spoiled Audiences
Chair: Simon Spiegel
Andrew Bumstead US
Spoiling Survivor: Edgic, Knowledge Communities, and Narrative Pleasure
Wendy Wagner US
Spoiling for Love: The Influence of Shipping on Spoiler Seeking Among Television Fans
Tiffany Hong US
Love Persevering: Televisual Homage, Mephisto, and the American Sitcom Family in WandaVision
15.45–16.15 Break
16.15–17.45 Keynote 3
Kristina Busse US
Spoiler Warnings: Negotiating Originality, Genre Expectation, and the Enjoyment of Repetition
Chair: Christine Lötscher
17.45–18.00 Closing of Conference