I recently moved for four months to Krakow for a programming course. There I discovered some interesting events, especially for entrepreneurship. One of my favourites was Krakow Entreprise Mondays, also called KEM, which I’m going to write. Its aim is to give students a better understanding of entrepreneurship, also inspire and educate them about it. My first KEM event was in April, I discovered it through a meetup called Open Coffee. I was curious about how it would look like. I used to live in Zurich and there were as well such kind of events about entrepreneurship. KEM reminded me of the ETH Entrepreneur Club which is also run by students. I was there part of it, responsible for marketing. I sat in the last row since I came some minutes after the event has started. But I wasn’t the last one, there were still people coming in. Because of that there were also some who needed to stand.

The event began with Maciej Gnutek, introducing his company called Innovation Nest. Then it continued with a presentation by Szymon Janicki from HCM Desk and ended with a Q & A session with Kasia Gola from Geek Goes Chic. All of them seemed to be very modest although they have lots of knowledge to offer. As a guest you also had the opportunity to ask questions. Surprisingly there were only two brave ones, all others waited for the end of the event to talk to the speakers personally. I enjoyed the event by talking to some guest and mostly to the organisers. I could share with them my experience at the ETH Entrepreneur Club in Zurich. Although we met the first time there, we decided to stay in touch. That would rarely happen in Switzerland, especially for expats.

In the end I felt included in the community and that KEM event won’t be my last one for sure. Another reason for me to come are the speakers from whom I could learn something.

I encourage everyone who is interested in entrepreneurship to visit Krakow Enterprise Mondays if you happen to be there. Who knows who you will meet – maybe your future business angel?

Jelena Vukčević, Universität Zürich


© Jelena Vukčević
© Jelena Vukčević